Thursday, August 7, 2008

Facelift 2

So... even though I didn't hear anything negative... I thought that the black and purple theme didn't quite suit me. This one seems to fit me a little bit better and I think it's easier to read, so I think I'll stick with this one.

Also, I think I'm going to do some posts about China. Despite me living in China, I don't write about it very often, and usually only when I have something to bitch about. I'm probably doing a bit of a disservice to China by doing that, so I am going to attempt to fix that.

Anything you guys would like to hear about from my time in China? Or just about China?


Ronnie said...

I want to know what the media (specifically news shows) is like. I've heard your website blocking stories, but what makes the news. For instance, Bush said China needs to work on human rights today. Did that get reported and if so what did they say in response?

DD said...

How about I just start posting more about Taiwan, and you start antagonizing me and trying to take over my blog?