Friday, September 5, 2008

All alone...

Sage and Bailey left yesterday for Seattle. This means that I am officially alone in Shanghai! No more family here, or cute dogs to keep me company. The apartment feels pretty weird without anyone in it... and knowing that they're not coming back while I'm here. It's bizarre...

Last night was therefore my first night alone in the apartment, which is always creepy for me. I've lived by myself before so I'm not too freaked out, but getting used to the noises that can no longer be explained by other people or a dog takes some getting used to. I should also probably stop watching shows about serial killers. I won't... but it would probably calm me down a bit. I was up until 4 last night because I was sort of on edge. I'm also sadder than I thought I would be about being here alone. After I saw Sage and Bailey off and walked back upstairs to the empty apartment it sort of hit me for the first time. Oh well... I will make the best of it! Not too much longer now.

I'm fast approaching my one year anniversary of my life in Shanghai! I'll have to do something to celebrate, like eat Shanghai dumplings and go to Yuyuan gardens or something. OK I probably won't go to Yuyuan, but I think I can do the dumplings thing.

I'm sort of sad that I'm missing the whole election time in the U.S. I bet it's amazing to see and to be a part of. I'm still working on registering for my absentee ballot, and it's really frustrating. I might have to find somewhere to print out a piece of paper and mail it back to the U.S. which could take forever. I don't understand why I can't just register at the local consulate. It's like they don't want us to vote! Maybe they think because this is China we're all turning communist. Or maybe just communist with Chinese characteristics.

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