Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Personality Tests

I think almost everyone has taken at least one personality test in their life. One of the more common ones out there is the MyersBrigg. Well I remember taking it in high school and I'm pretty sure my score back then was ISTP. Then I took it in college a number of times and consistently got ENFP. The two are pretty different... and the best part is now I am firmly back to ISTP. Apparently my personality was completely different in college than it is now. This is good to know. Also, I do not have a unique personality. ENFP is almost 9% of the population and ISTP is about 5.5% of the population. These numbers may seem small... but they're not. I'm ok with that though because I read some of the rarer personality descriptions and decided that I don't necessarily want to be like that...

I've been researching personality tests and other things linked to psych lately so it's been fun to take random tests and see how I fare and fall in with the rest of the population. The good news is, I totally don't have schizpohrenia.

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