Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I hate hotmail. I never use it, but I still have an account from ages ago that I periodically check. Apparently the Flroida McCain campaign somehow got ahold of it and has been spamming it like crazy... also I've somehow been added to the mailing list of an Afircan American dating site. My junk folder is filled to the brim with "Palin to speak in Tampa!" and "We hate Obama!" emails and "Meet Other Black People!!" messages. Perfect for me.

I'm neither a Republican nor black... so I'm pretty sure I never joined either of those mailing lists.

I guess that's what the junk folder is for.


DD said...

You don't have to be black to be into black people. Or do you think that all the coloreds should stay with their own kind?


Debt Girl said...

yeah this is what we all call spam.

Unlock iPhone 3G said...

well i hate hotmail also