Thursday, September 11, 2008


What is wrong with America? I truly cannot understand what Americans are talking about half the time with regard to politics. Lipstick? Seriously? Is that really what we need to be focusing on? Who the fuck cares? And why are we listening to them? It was a stupid thing to say on Obama's part because he should have known better than to think that people would react rationally to his use of a common saying. Next thing you know he'll be saying "Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black?" with expectations that no one would think that this was a racist comment. I bet you that he would be wrong.

Americans can't seem to focus on the issues, and frankly, even when they do I have to wonder about their priorities. I get wanting to see values that you hold close to your heart present in a president... but why is it SO important that woman not be able to abort their babies under any circumstances that you are willing to ignore all of the other issues? Countless studies have come to the same conclusion - if the people from the Heartland voted according to their best interests economically and politically they should vote democrat (religion and "moral" issues aside). Middle America has been suffering because of their refusal to move away from voting with their church. I just really don't understand.

Also.. why is being well educated a bad thing?

I'm looking forward to the debates. I hope people actually listen to them this year.