Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Air Conditioning Installation

My office has been unnaturally hot lately given that we didn't have an air conditioner for my half of the office. Shanghai's heat has already reached unbearable levels (with the heat index it's well over 100 degrees here) so it was about time we fixed this before everyone went crazy with the heat. So my bosses bought a unit for our side of the office and some guys came to install it yesterday.

The installation process was insane!!! Four seemingly scrawny Chinese guys show up with massive AC units. One internal and one external. The larger of the two is now perching on a ledge outside our window. How they got it there? Well we have really tall windows, broken up into various frames that all open. They opened the top frames as well as the bottom windows, took a harness and wrapped the machine up in it and basically lowered it out the window. The looped the rope over the top window frame and then pushed the machine out of the bottom one. I was a bit terrified that the frame was going to come crashing down... as it is made of wire and there was a bunch of glass underneath it so I didn't think it would be able to support the weight. Miraculously, it did.

The best part though, was when the guys were hanging out the windows and standing on the tiny ledge that this huge machine was being put onto. Remember, we are 6 floors up, yet they felt no need to be holding onto anything or to loop a rope around themselves and the window or each other. I was truly scared that someone would fall and kill themselves. They, however, didn't seem very concerned at all.

Everyone made it out alive and they successfully installed the AC... though it's still hot in here because apparently one of the buttons on our new machine is broken. Oh, China.

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