Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A terrible day...

Today was horrible. Just horrible. This morning I had to go to the police station to reregister myself for God knows what reason. They gave me a bit of a hard time about it because my visa is actually expired now because my paperwork is still being processed so it just looks like I'm here illegally. After that I had to go and pick up my tickets for Australia which was annoying because I wasn't able to change my tickets like I had hoped. :( 

After going to the Qantas office I had to go out to Pudong to apply for my residence permit. This was just more of a hassle than anything and I'm still not entirely sure what it was that I did there. Everyone was speaking in Chinese and I don't really understand the process anyway. All of these errands took about three hours and it was really hot outside so that I was just miserable all morning walking around and taking the subway all over town. By the time I got to work at close to 12:30 I was in a pissy mood and just wasn't in the mood for anything, especially not work. 

This morning wasn't even that bad... it was just the fact that I had to do all of this shit and worry about my visa and not be totally sure that I would have it ready by the time I leave next Tuesday. I am just so sick of this and I can't wait until it's done. I'm thankful that Greg and his coworkers have worked so hard to get it done for me and that I haven't really had that much to do, but I just am sick of thinking about it and having to worry about all of it. 

Then of course because I was in a pissy mood I got in a fight with Andrew because he said something stupid that set me off as is wont to happen when I am in a bad mood to begin with. Argh. Also, this was as at work so I was just totally on edge and freaking out not so secretly. I'm not always so subtle with my anger, even though I know that I should be. I almost burst into tears in the office today but luckily was able to somewhat hold it together. Just one of those days. I cancelled my tutoring for tonight so that I could come home and just sleep and watch TV. I'm really glad that I did because I couldn't take being around people tonight. I have to get some work done tonight with Renee that I am not looking forward to doing, but it shouldn't take long and Renee doesn't ever upset me so I should be good.

Anyway... here's hoping tomorrow is better and that I manage to calm myself down tonight and sort things out with Andrew. 

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